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Our Story

We’ve been providing labor and trade show services since 1994. 

Since then, we’ve added design, project management, transportation management and logistics support, and many other proficiencies to our portfolio so we can better meet the needs of our partners.

We’ve also niched down and amped up our bench strength in the Las Vegas and Orlando markets, because we know that experienced local problem-solvers are the key to executing successful events. 

The COVID pandemic rocked our industry in 2020, so we’ve spent the last few years future-proofing our business and helping our partners do the same.

Partnerships Are Our Way

The synergy we develop with our partners helps us do great work efficiently and on budget. When our partners can impress their clients with amazing events AND still make a healthy margin, we win.

We’re Local & Equipped For Emergencies

Don’t waste money and energy on expensive cross-country shipping and the mishaps that come with it. At our Las Vegas & Orlando workshops, we create beautiful exhibits and put out any fires that arise along the way.

We Reserve Inventory For Partners

As our partner, you never have to worry about whether we can supply assets for your projects. The answer is always yes because we reserve inventory just for you.

Dress Rehearsals Are Mandatory

We insist on dress rehearsals for all turnkey projects that ship out of our doors. Our partners consistently get a better at-show experience because we take extra steps to reduce the risks.

Want To Know More About Our Leadership, Values, & Experience?

Listen to the Experience Builders podcast to learn how we help our partners build successful businesses.

Associations & Awards

What Our Partners Are Saying:

Yesterday we received some great feedback from the client and I want to pass on their thanks, along with mine. I know this was no easy task with the 6-week turnaround from client brief to show open. You were brilliant to work with! Look forward to working with you again soon.

— Sarah

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at CrewXP for another outstanding show! Both at AUSA and ITSEC, you went above and beyond to make sure all was in line and my clients were happy. We had some tumultuous things at AUSA, but in true professional form, Crew pulled out of the issues with no one knowing how hard it was.

— Michael

Client gave great feedback on the booth build and our on-site team. They said it was the most hassle-free show they have had in years!

- CrewXP Partner

Crew was professional, efficient, and friendly. The feedback we received from our customer was all positive! Our clients were over-the-top impressed.

- CrewXP Partner

You know why we use CREW XP? Because you guys ‘stick’! When the going gets tough, Crew XP always hangs in there and owns the problem. Whatever the unexpected issue is that shows up on the show floor (damaged or missing parts, client changes, show service delays), your team figures it out - - - and fixes it.

Usually, without our client ever even knowing what happened.

- CrewXP Partner

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