Built For Partnerships

Reliable, Quality Outsourcing So You Wow Your Clients Every Time

Let’s Knock Your Event Out Of The Park

Every event comes with challenges, but our local expertise and high-quality designs help you provide top-tier customer service to keep your clients coming back again and again.

Local Expertise

Our talented personnel expect the unexpected and have all the materials and resources on hand to deal with challenges.

Custom Or

We stock pre-engineered aluminum frames and offer a full menu of exhibit services. If your client can dream it, we can build it. 

Frequent Digital Updates 

We provide progression photos of your client’s project throughout design and installation so you can keep them in the loop.

The History Of Crew

We’ve been providing trade show labor and event services since 1994. 

We found our niche creating long-term partnerships with like-minded exhibit houses and experiential agencies who demand more than a cheap rental option. We deliver the best to our partners so they can deliver the best to their clients. 

Our People, Infrastructure, & Processes Are Investments In YOUR Company

We start with accountability to build a different kind of partnership. Here’s what sets us apart from “labor-only” companies:

We Own The Problem

You can rely on us to make it right, whatever “it” is. Building our partnership on a foundation of accountability is how we help you build a flourishing business.

Local & Equipped For Emergencies

We’re where you need us, when you need us. Located just a few short miles from your client’s event, we have the facilities, tools, specialists, and inventory to tackle any challenge.

Preserve Your Hard-Earned Profit

Don’t lose margin on round-trip freight costs! Our transparent pricing and economies of scale save you money while also eliminating the hassle of managing cross-country transportation.

Built For Partnerships

Anytime you have a client event in Las Vegas or Orlando, we’ll be there to help you bring their experience to life.

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What Our Partners Are Saying:

Yesterday we received some great feedback from the client and I want to pass on their thanks, along with mine. I know this was no easy task with the 6-week turnaround from client brief to show open. You were brilliant to work with! Look forward to working with you again soon.

— Sarah

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at CrewXP for another outstanding show! Both at AUSA and ITSEC, you went above and beyond to make sure all was in line and my clients were happy. We had some tumultuous things at AUSA, but in true professional form, Crew pulled out of the issues with no one knowing how hard it was.

— Michael

Client gave great feedback on the booth build and our on-site team. They said it was the most hassle-free show they have had in years!

- CrewXP Partner

Crew was professional, efficient, and friendly. The feedback we received from our customer was all positive! Our clients were over-the-top impressed.

- CrewXP Partner

You know why we use CREW XP? Because you guys ‘stick’! When the going gets tough, Crew XP always hangs in there and owns the problem. Whatever the unexpected issue is that shows up on the show floor (damaged or missing parts, client changes, show service delays), your team figures it out - - - and fixes it.

Usually, without our client ever even knowing what happened.

- CrewXP Partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you do a project outside of Las Vegas or Orlando?

Yes! We’re flattered that you want to do a project with us outside our home bases! Our expertise is in Las Vegas and Orlando and that’s where you’ll get the best value. Sometimes we’ll do a project elsewhere. Reach out and let’s talk about your event.

What’s included in your estimates?

Our project estimates typically include what we call ‘The Big 5!’. Flooring, hardware, graphic messaging, delivery to and from showsite, and the professional labor to set-up and take-down all exhibit components.

We’re fully transparent about our pricing, so our bids cover the entire project (even beyond The Big 5), from design to materials to logistics and labor. You’ll know exactly what we’ll charge before we begin (unless the scope of work changes).

Can I get an estimate by the end of the day?

Unfortunately, no. While we work diligently to get you the pricing information you need as quickly as possible, we put a lot of time and effort into our bids so our partners can trust that our detailed estimates are what they’ll really pay. We just can’t turn around the level of detail you deserve in one day.

For more complex projects, we do try and provide an initial “Go / No-Go” answer about the feasibility of taking on your project, within 24 hours of receiving all of your information.

Can I choose services a la carte?

We offer a range of services that meet the needs of our partners. If you’re not sure which offering best suits your project, schedule a discovery call so we can help match you to the right service.

Breathe Easy Knowing That The Exhibits We Create Together Will WOW Your Clients Every Time

Let us help you build your reputation for excellence!