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It’s hard to compete with the Florida sunshine, but we help you create unforgettable experiences attendees will remember long after their tan fades.

Let’s Create An Exhibit That’s Impossible To Forget

Here’s how we make sure visitors remember your clients booths, so that your clients remember you!

Schedule A Discovery Call

Let’s talk about your project, timeline, budget, & logistics.

Build & Install For Dress Rehearsal

We’ll send digital updates throughout the build & install.

Create An Unforgettable Experience

Together, we exceed expectations for event visitors & your client!

See What Our Orlando Crew Can Do

Our exhibits are more captivating than a Florida sunset! View our project gallery to get inspiration for your next event.


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What Our Partners Say About Our Orlando Crew:

ITSEC was amazing for me this year! Your team got everything done early and on time and my presence was not even needed. I look forward to our continued partnership and you will always have me as a client until you kick me out! You guys ROCK!!

— Michael

We really appreciate the hard work all around from your whole team. Client gave great feedback on the booth build and our on-site team. They said it was the most hassle-free show they have had in years!

— CrewXP Partner

You guys have been absolutely amazing. Helpful beyond belief, hard-working, knowledgeable, skillful, and practically unflappable. Thank you so much for all your help. We simply would not have been show-ready without you.

- CrewXP Partner

FAQs About Our Orlando Capabilities

Will you do a project outside of Orlando?

Yes! We’re flattered that you want to do a project with us outside of Las Vegas! Our expertise is in Las Vegas and Orlando and that’s where you’ll get the best value. Sometimes we’ll do a project elsewhere. Reach out and let’s talk about your event.

What’s included in your estimates?

Our estimates typically include "The Big 5" - the flooring, exhibit hardware, graphic messaging, delivery to / from showsite, and the professional labor to install, dismantle and repack all exhibit properties.

We’re fully transparent about our pricing, so our bids cover the entire project, from design to materials to labor. You’ll know exactly what we’ll charge before we begin (unless the scope of work changes).

Can I get an estimate by the end of the day?

Unfortunately, no. While we work diligently to get you the pricing information you need as quickly as possible, we put a lot of time and effort into our bids so our partners can trust that our detailed estimates are what they’ll really pay. We just can’t turn around the level of detail you deserve in one day.

For more complex projects, we do try and provide an initial “Go / No-Go” answer about the feasibility of taking on your project, within 24 hours of receiving all of your information.

Can I choose services a la carte?

We offer a range of services that meet the needs of our partners. If you’re not sure which offering best suits your project, schedule a discovery call so we can help match you to the right service.

Even Disney Has Nothing On Our Magic.

When you need a partner who can pull out all the stops and make even the impossible possible, you need Crew.