017 - Are Employees Falling Short of Expectations? w/ Michael McMahon

The struggle to repopulate the workforce has become a key problem for most businesses as the industry recovers and companies are rebuilding after the pandemic.  A prevalent challenge is the collision between post-covid employee wants and expectations, and the mindset of business owners and leaders.

Michael McMahon of Hill & Partners and Chris Griffin of CrewXP address the issue and discuss why business leaders should be concerned about the availability of qualified individuals, not just in their own company, but across the industry.

Time Stamps

  • 00:52 - Episode Intro
  • 01:16 - Difference in Workforce Expectations Before and After COVID
  • 10:46 - What Conditions Are Setting Employee Expectations?
  • 21:32 - Addressing the Gap Between Expectations & Performance
  • 32:56 - Shift in Hiring Mindset Post-COVID
  • 46:20 - Episode Recap & Takeaways
  • 48:02 - What Employees Should Expect Coming Into a Role?
  • 54:34 - Episode Outro

Power Quotes From The Show

  • "I built my company on the concept of hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. And then when you're talented, work harder." - Michael McMahon
  • "If you're in the trade show and event business, it's a team sport." - Chris Griffin
  • "We can either do something different, but not really just call it different, but have the same energy around it." - Michael McMahon
  • "When I'm interviewing people, I'm looking for reasons why this isn't a good match for them, not me. And then I hit them with it." - Michael McMahon
  • "I am caring more about finding the right people and making sure not only that, can they do the job that we're offering, and are they going to be happy. Because I know what unhappiness looks like in the rest of your culture." - Chris Griffin


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