007 - Get Out of Your Own Way

How do you get out of your own way? When you're trying to grow your business, it's easy to get stuck in your old habits. This is especially true if you have a lot of experience and knowledge about the industry. But there are ways you can break out of this cycle and focus on what really matters for your business. In this episode, we’ll help you figure out where you need to go from here. Stay tuned!

Time Stamps

  • 00:31 - Recent EDPA Event & Chris’ Award
  • 02:15 - Episode Intro
  • 04:50 - Symptoms of the Struggle
  • 10:11 - 3 Areas of Improvement for 2023
  • 10:42 - Operational Improvements
  • 15:13 - The Impact of Hybrid Players 
  • 24:21 - A Culture of Communication
  • 27:58 - Improving Company Meetings
  • 31:17 - Key Takeaways
  • 35:08 - How to Better Serve a Hybrid Workforce

Power Quotes From The Show

  • “You know you're aligned when you have just consistent rhythm and everyone's clicking on the same page and everything's just a little bit smoother.” — Khalil Benalioulhaj
  • “It's not enough to be busy. We gotta figure out how to work smart and make sure we're being productive.” — Chris Griffin
  • “I think culture is gonna be one of the greatest advantages we can offer to attract new hires, or for people to come see us even if they make less money with you. People want that balance.” — Chris Griffin
  • “Some of the best hours of your life, the best hours of your day, are spent at work. So why would you want to be around people that you don't enjoy being around?” — Khalil Benalioulhaj
  • “The real value as a servant to your customers is to break down the language into words and vocabulary that they can understand.” — Chris Griffin
  •  “People don't learn. At the same pace or in the same ways.” — Chris Griffin
  • “Group progress can feel slow when individuals are learning and changing at different speeds.” — Chris Griffin
  • “You can have the best vision, you can have the best strategy, you can have great teams, but if you don't have crisp, clear, consistent communication, that alignment that we're all seeking starts to break down and ultimately the team will fail.” — Chris Griffin



An article by CEO Roy Schwartz of AXIOS in which he explored ways leaders were trying to adapt their leadership styles to better serve a hybrid workforce. He stated:

We’re all trying to find the right way to communicate. We’ve started using a strategy that we call - ‘Up, Down, Around, and Out’.

  • Up and down.  Each week, dept. Leads craft an update on projects, challenges, and progress.  They send it down to their team and up to executives and stakeholders.
  • Around.  From those updates, I work with my VP / GM to select the updates our entire organization needs to stay aligned.  That becomes our monthly all-staff meeting.
  • Out.  Then we use the same method to decide what we need to communicate outside our organization, too - to folks like vendors and clients.

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