026 - I Want to Love Your Invoices!

Billing shouldn't be a headache! Learn why invoicing is more than just a payment request and how you can use it to foster great relationships with your customers and partners. Tune in now!


Time Stamps

  • 00:49 - Episode Intro
  • 01:20 - The Shocking Reality of Unbilled Work
  • 03:12 - Improving the Invoicing Process
  • 04:55 - The Importance of Regular and Accurate Invoicing
  • 06:19 - Building Relationships Through Billing
  • 07:27 - The Impact of Small Invoices and Proper Billing
  • 09:48 - Streamlining Accounts Receivable for Better Cash Flow
  • 14:54 - Episode Outro

Snippets From The Show

  • "An invoice is not a demand for payment. It is a piece of information that you should have, if you are a company that runs efficiently in an organized way.” - Chris Griffin
  • “I want people to love getting our invoices, right? Nobody loves getting invoices, but I want it to be regularly scheduled. It shouldn't be a surprise when we're working for you regularly.” - Chris Griffin


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