025 - Harmonizing Sales and Production Teams in Exhibit Agencies with Mark Taylor

Sales and Production teams often have different priorities, which can potentially create a disconnect. In this episode with Mark Taylor, we share strategies for aligning these two teams for optimum results. Tune in!


Time Stamps

  • 01:58 - Intro to Mark Taylor
  • 06:32 - Understanding the Sales & Production Divide
  • 14:59 - Strategies for Sales & Production Collaboration
  • 21:37 - The Impact of Sales & Production Divide
  • 24:46 - Impact of Acquisitions on Sales Confidence and Production Identity
  • 30:00 - Tips & Best Practices for Staying Aligned
  • 37:00 - Managing Diverse Personalities and Roles in Teams
  • 42:17 - Leveraging Technology for Team Alignment and Efficiency
  • 45:45 - Communication and Meeting Strategies
  • 48:05 - Learning from Past Challenges
  • 54:44 - Episode Takeaways

Snippets From The Show

  • "Getting everybody to read from the same piece of music sometimes is tough because everybody has an agenda, and everybody has the baggage." -Mark Taylor
  • "I think having that wrong person in the wrong role makes that gap. We're talking about a little wider too. So you have to kind of coach and manage that accordingly." -Mark Taylor
  • "As business leaders, we're trying to close this gap between sales and production. You're trying to create the harmonic sound of that band." -Chris Griffin


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