024 - Solving Problems in Difficult Situations with Julie Kagy

Explore the power of empathetic problem-solving in our latest podcast episode with Julie Kagy. Learn how creating a service-minded culture can foster valuable relationships in the industry. It’s time to turn your challenges into opportunities!


Time Stamps

  • 00:47 - Episode & Guest Introduction
  • 01:45 - Julie's Perspective on Saying 'No'
  • 05:05 - The Shift in Service Perception Post-Covid
  • 07:26 - The Importance of Empathy and Listening in the Service Industry
  • 10:14 - Setting Expectations for Exhibitors
  • 18:53 - The Opportunity in Challenges and Mistakes
  • 21:51 - Creating a Service-Minded Culture
  • 26:16 - The Concept of Oneness in Customer Service
  • 32:00 - Workforce Development Challenges
  • 34:39 - The Importance of Retention in the Workforce
  • 36:25 - Best Practices
  • 46:20 - The Power of Respect in Service
  • 47:57 - Be Your Own Swiss Army Knife
  • 51:18 - Episode Takeaways

Snippets From The Show

  • "It's not about who's right and who's wrong. It's all about how we all handle these situations and, empathize and listen and work to address these challenges together and de-escalate situations and create a more valuable relationship with our customers by doing so." - Julie Kagy
  • "Is there anything that cuts through the noise and anger and frustration than an empathetic human being that is listening to you and says, 'You know what? We have a couple of options here. Let's run through what they are.' And so you can make a decision about the best way forward." - Chris Griffin
  • "You can buy all the tech you want. You can launch new branding, new marketing. Service is free. I don't know how to better say that. It is going to get you more customers, retain your customers, create promoters, and overall affect the entire work environment." - Julie Kagy
  • "When people leave a lot of times it's really simple. They just didn't like working there and it's generally not the money, they don't notice that as much when they're happy at what they do. And so creating a service culture also helps the most important part - retention." - Julie Kagy
  • "It doesn't matter what somebody's wearing, what they look like, where they're at, you treat everybody the same. Somebody doesn't get extra respect because they're wearing different pants than you. Treat 'em all the same. Be kind and they will remember that." - Julie Kagy


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