022 - Investing in the Future Events Workforce with Sachel Josefson

In the fast-paced world of events and trade shows, attracting and developing new talent is crucial. But what about the talent already in the pipeline? How can we ensure their future in the events industry? Chris Griffin & Sachel Josefson discuss the importance of workforce development, experiential learning, and the "Day of Giving." Hit play!

Time Stamps

  • 01:00 - Episode & Guest Intro
  • 01:15 - The Importance of Developing New Talent
  • 02:18 - The Role of Bemidji State University in Workforce Development
  • 03:19 - The Challenges of Funding Experiential Learning
  • 03:40 - The Importance of Industry Partnerships
  • 04:05 - The Day of Giving: A Fundraising Initiative
  • 05:21 - The Value of Experiential Learning from a Student's Perspective
  • 07:21 - The Role of Industry Partners in Supporting Field Trips
  • 13:16 - The Day of Giving: How to Participate
  • 15:31 - Crew XP's Commitment
  • 17:38 - Closing Remarks

Snippets From The Show

  • "It's not just enough to attract and bring in new talent. What are we doing to make sure we're developing not just the new talent but the talent that's already in the pipeline right now?" -Chris Griffin
  • "If we can take students to where the action is, the lights come on and they don't only just see it as what a trade show is, but they start to see themselves in the trade show industry and they start to go like, oh, so this is what a designer does and this is what a project manager does. And know, I could actually do this and I can feel the energy during a show." -Sachel Josefson


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