020 - The Exhibit City News & Experience Builders Alliance

Exciting times ahead as Experience Builders partners with Exhibit City News. Listen to Chris Griffin & Don Svehla to get a sneak peek into what this alliance has in store in 2024 and beyond!


Time Stamps

  • 00:50 - Intro to Don
  • 01:39 - Evolution of Podcast Content
  • 03:40 - Future Plans for Content Sustainability
  • 05:13 - Exhibit City News & Experience Builders Partnership
  • 08:12 -  Being True to the Trade
  • 09:38 - Value of Quality Content and Audience Engagement
  • 14:06 - Future of Experience Builders and ECN Partnership
  • 19:12 - Let's Connect!
  • 20:39 - Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Snippets From The Show

  • "What we look for is what affects people's pocketbooks. What are the main things? People have gotta pay their bills, they gotta save for retirement, they gotta pay for college. With inflation and everything lately, it rings truer today than in the past." - Don Svehla
  • "When I think about the audience that we're building at Experience Builders, which are people that work in the business event space, I know they're on ECN. When the opportunity arose to align and put this product out on Don's website, it just seemed like a natural." -Chris Griffin
  • "When you think about what Exhibit City News meant to the industry for 30 years - true to the trade - it's the only place we've been. We followed people through their whole careers. We followed their kids through their careers. It's a unique position for certain." - Don Svehla


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