019 - Exploring 2023 in the Business Events Space: Challenges & Opportunities

Chris Griffin reflects on the challenges and wins of 2023 and offers his outlook for 2024. Griffin, As EDPA's new president, Griffin discusses the association's work, its mission, and his journey into the leadership role.  There's also exciting news coming up for the Experience Builders podcast, so stay tuned!

Time Stamps

  • 00:32 - Holiday Greetings
  • 01:50 - Chris' Big News!
  • 04:35 - The "Safety Meetings"
  • 08:53 - Goals and Priorities for the EDPA
  • 10:01 - Workforce
  • 11:15 - Sustainability
  • 14:28 - Partnership with Exhibit City News
  • 16:40 - Year in Review and Looking Forward
  • 24:37 - Closing Remarks and Holiday Wishes

Power Quotes From The Show

  • "It was fast, it was furious. It was a profitable year. This is what I believe is the second year of recovery, a real recovery year, of the near extinction event, we all survived, called the Pandemic." -Chris Griffin
  • "We're all now at a sustained level of business activity. We know the customers have come back, but there are still disruptions everywhere." -Chris Griffin
  • "Wages are doubled. The talent gap exists in many, many positions. We still have inconsistent supply chain deliverables. We see some vertical markets have recovered fully, others not as much. So I think there's an uneven expectation of business by, by vertical sector, and I think that's gonna continue in 2024." -Chris Griffin
  • "Our 2023 takeaway, let's get back to the proven processes and procedures that allow us to do business with each other efficiently, 'cause that's the best way we can help our customers. " -Chris Griffin


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