018 - Navigating Economic Uncertainty in the Experiential Marketing Industry with Dan Serebin

The experiential marketing industry has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, and as we emerge into a new normal, it's essential to understand how businesses in this field can adapt and thrive.

In this episode, Dan Serebin, CFO of Derse and the current President of EDPA, joins Chris Griffin to discuss the economic challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in a post-COVID era.

Time Stamps

  • 00:56 - Episode Intro
  • 02:13 - Intro to Dan Serebin
  • 05:08 - The State of the Economy
  • 07:32 - Factors Affecting Cost
  • 09:02 - Post-Pandemic Workforce Challenges
  • 11:20 - Economic Landscape Changes Post-Pandemic
  • 17:05 - Communicating Price Increase to Clients
  • 23:28 - Dealing with the Economic Uncertainties
  • 33:26 - The Right Economic Planning Mindset and Approach
  • 36:03 - Accessing Capital
  • 41:39 - Investing in Real Estate for Your Business
  • 44:25 - Think Global or Find a Niche
  • 46:11 - Episode Takeaways
  • 50:07 - How to Reach Dan Serebin

Power Quotes From The Show

  • "Sales never sleeps, but it's something you gotta be working on all the time to get them to the right spot." - Dan Serebin
  • "A flat budget this year is actually a decreased budget." - Dan Serebin
  • "53% of all the professionals that are now working in the business event space since pandemic build back recovery began, 53% of that workforce is brand new to this industry, and that's globally." - Chris Griffin
  • "Workforce is not just attracting and bringing back more people, but we've gotta put some meat on the bone." - Chris Griffin
  • "Everywhere we're seeing historical norms that we used to rely upon being thrown out the window. And you can't necessarily go back and say, 'Well, let's look at the last two years,' because the last two years, especially with the mix and the amount of production that was done, aren't really a good indicator." - Dan Serebin
  • "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. And so you gotta figure out where you're going and how to get there." - Dan Serebin


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