016 - How Do You Recharge Creativity? With Sachel Josefson

In an industry that’s regarded as having one of the most stressful jobs in the US, how do you resist burnout and recharge creativity?

Seasoned experience and exhibit design professor, Sachel Josefson, joins Chris & Khalil to talk about finding creativity through vulnerability, mindfulness, and openness to failure.

Time Stamps

  • 00:50 - Episode & Guest Intro
  • 02:49 - Vulnerability & Becoming Your Authentic Self
  • 10:38 - Creating Space for Failure
  • 26:12 - Considering Customer Burnout
  • 31:33 - Halftime Takeaways
  • 33:48 - Dealing with Designer Burnout
  • 37:12 - Developing the Bench
  • 48:11 - How to Recharge Creativity
  • 01:00:03 - Setting the Career Expectations of Students

Power Quotes From The Show

  • "I love creativity, and I love design, and I love art. Why not wear it on the outside too?" - Sachel Josefson
  • "If you look in the mirror and you look good, you feel good." - Chris Griffin
  • "Part of being a designer is being vulnerable."  - Sachel Josefson
  • "Design is problem-solving." - Chris Griffin
  • "It's important to understand that being creative is not linear. It's rather cyclical." - Sachel Josefson
  • "You, as a leader of your organization, are creating an experience for not only your customers, but you're also creating an experience for your employees." - Sachel Josefson
  • "When we pay double time, we're getting the worst work." - Sachel Josefson
  • "The easiest customer to get is the one you already have. And if you can alleviate their burnout, they're going to stick with you for life." - Sachel Josefson
  • "If you're running the business, part of your job is to be a good listener." - Sachel Josefson
  • "Bench strength doesn't get stronger if leadership is not investing in that next generation of talent." - Chris Griffin
  • "Creatives need to be mindful that they need to participate in self-care and take care of themselves, and it's outside of the job." - Sachel Josefson


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