014 - Young, Remote & Successful with Noelle Webster

Remote work is a hotly debated topic that many of us who survived the pandemic have realized is more than just a passing trend. On the contrary, it has become a reality that most businesses and organizations must adapt to. So, how exactly does working remotely work? And can you genuinely be productive in this setting?

Let us hear it from someone who has done it successfully both before and after the pandemic!


  • 02:12 - Intro to Noelle Webster
  • 07:29 - Noelle's Professional Background
  • 09:41 - Noelle's Remote Work Journey
  • 11:49 - Working Remotely During the Pandemic
  • 14:54 - Remote Work Before the Pandemic
  • 17:11 - Changes in Work Culture Post Pandemic
  • 21:02 - Remote Work Self-Discipline
  • 23:28 - Measuring Productivity for Remote Workers
  • 35:46 - Building Culture with a Remote or Hybrid Team
  • 41:59 - Remote Work Challenges
  • 44:51 - Advice for People Considering Remote Work
  • 54:47 - Episode Takeaways

Power Quotes from the Show

  • It really comes down to the person and their ability to recognize, "Is this something that I am more productive doing, or do I need to go into an office?" - Noelle Webster
  • I love those catchy phrases that business leaders like to say, you know, as long as your results are there right? But how many companies are actually defining what that means? - Chris Griffin
  • Most people think anybody who gets to work remotely has this privileged, easier version of the day job. That it's absolutely just not the case. - Chris Griffin
  • It's so important for remote employees to have support from their colleagues and from their managers that reach out to them, but also to reach out back. - Noelle Webster


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