011 - Getting Organized: The 9 Essentials to an Organized Business with Martin Holland

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on businesses around the world. The tradeshow and events industries, particularly, have been on the verge of extinction! Those who have survived are now attempting to rebuild their value and get back on track. How? It might be a good idea to finally get your business organized.

Chris, Khalil & guest Martin Holland discuss the 9 essentials to an organized business!

Time Stamps

  • 00:52 - Meet Martin Holland
  • 06:27 - The 9 Essentials to an Organized Business
  • 15:08 - Defining Your Vision & Mission
  • 25:06 - Understanding the Difference Between Vision & Mission
  • 28:17 - What's Your Company's Culture?
  • 39:53 - Making Time to Write Your Goals
  • 49:29 - Org Chart & Job Descriptions
  • 56:15 - Taking Advantage of AI Technology
  • 01:01:06 - Systems, How-Tos & KPIs

Power Quotes From The Show

  • We want to be the most valuable outsource partner to exhibit houses and ad agencies that work in the trade show in the business event space. I know who we are and I know who we're not. - Chris Griffin
  • The vision is what your company looks like when you've achieved what you're after. The mission is, “How do we do that? -Martin Holland
  • Remembering a vision statement is the first step to its being useful because it's your “why”. It's what we do. It's where we're going. -Martin Holland
  • Every great group needs somebody on overwatch, at treetop level, that has the visibility and say, “You're all cutting your way through the jungle with machetes and there's a cliff you're heading towards and I need to move us this way.” -Chris Griffin
  • You may not hire the right person every time, but you need to know when to let them go. - Martin Holland
  • Integrity doesn't just mean honesty. Integrity, the actual word also means structural soundness. - Martin Holland
  • The most, uh, common reason why an employee will leave a company is for unclear expectations. - Khalil Benalioulhaj
  • Writing processes is a process. - Martin Holland
  • There is only one purpose to business. One. And it is to turn cash into more cash. - Martin Holland


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