010 - Managing Through the Unexpected

While you may think it can't happen to your business, it's a reality that even the most careful planning can be thrown off course by things beyond your control. From a global pandemic, to bank industry problems, to freight issues, how do you deal with such challenges, especially in the fast-paced events space? Listen in as Chris and Khalil talk about managing through the unexpected!

Time Stamps

  • 00:49 - Recent Travels & Victories
  • 03:28 - Episode Intro
  • 04:09 - The "Unexpecteds" are Up!
  • 10:22 - Event Industry "Unexpecteds"
  • 15:46 - How to Manage the Unexpected
  • 24:09 - The Importance of Clear Communication
  • 31:59 - Setting Up Processes to Deal with the Unexpected
  • 37:37 - Preparing Your Team for the Unexpected
  • 41:10 - Preparing Your Clients for the Unexpected
  • 48:48 - Episode Outro

Power Quotes From The Show

  • "A big part of our readiness is we pay attention to the things we know will happen." - Chris Griffin
  • "When you have to redesign something, you have to think about the buildability. You have to think about the cost consequences of it." - Chris Griffin
  • "There isn't a person or a position I know, in our industry, that doesn't have to deal with the unexpected, and I believe in greater quantities." - Chris Griffin
  • "Usually with service, something has to go wrong in order for you to prove that your service is exceptional. So, I'm not usually afraid of when I hear about something that didn't go perfectly. I'm more concerned with - How did we respond?" - Chris Griffin
  • "You have to continue to serve the customer and move the project forward while you're solving this new unexpected problem. You have to walk and chew gum at the same time." - Chris Griffin
  • "A mistake is an investment. If you don't make it again, it was an investment. It's just an expense if you keep watching it happen over and over again." - Chris Griffin


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