004 - What is Your Sales System?

What is your sales system, or do you even have one? A sales system is key to growing your business and keeping up with the competition. Listen in as Chris Griffin outlines the components of a successful sales system and the basic principles of a structured sales process. You should not pass this up!

Time Stamps

  • 00:42 - What is a Sales System?
  • 01:20 - 3 Things You Need to Know About a Sales System
  • 03:09 - 7 Basic Principles in a Structured Sales Process

Power Quotes From Chris

  • “A system is a structured process designed to get you the desired outcome you're looking for.”
  • “Sales don't happen by accident. The pros never wing.”
  • “If you've ever pitched the right solution to the wrong client, or you pitched the wrong solution to the right client, it's because you didn't do a good job qualifying that opportunity.”


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