003 - Workforce Development with Michael McMahon

As the events industry welcomes the increase in projects following the pandemic, how do you make sure you have enough people on your team? Should you compromise your company’s values to fill your workforce gap?

Michael McMahon of Hill & Partners joins the show to discuss his experiences and challenges in building and developing his workforce, and what the future holds for the events industry in the current climate. Listen in to learn more about hiring and people development best practices.

Show Notes

  • 00:31 - Chris, the “Hurricane Magnet”
  • 00:59 - Chris' New Hires
  • 04:04 - Intro to Michael McMahon
  • 06:19 - Michael's Entry into the Event Industry
  • 11:37 - How Michael Got Involved in the EDPA
  • 16:40 - The Value of Associations like the EDPA
  • 24:09 - The Great Human Capital Shuffle
  • 27:20 - Hiring People: What's the Right Formula?
  • 30:27 - A Huge Shift in Michael’s Hiring Philosophy
  • 33:48 - The Talent Gap & Distorted Employee Expectations
  • 35:36 - Hiring Based On Values or Skills?
  • 40:10 - Challenges in Workforce Development Post Covid
  • 42:19 - The H&P University
  • 47:12 - Why Developing Your Workforce is a Team Effort
  • 50:19 - How to Retain Talent
  • 53:43 - The Cost of Hiring
  • 57:09 - What is Your Hiring Risk Tolerance?
  • 1:00:58 - 2023 Talent Pool Forecast
  • 1:08:40 - Pandemic-Related Stress Disorder in the Workforce
  • 1:12:49 - Khalil’s Episode Recap
  • 1:15:53 - Michael's Advice for Small Businesses Hiring in This Climate
  • 1:17:35 - Chris’ Episode Takeaways
  • 1:19:46 - Join the EDPA Access Year-End Event!

Power Quotes From The Show

  • “I think the serendipity of it is, just keep moving forward and keep doing the next right thing, and doors do open.” — Chris Griffin
  • “When times are tough, it's nice to sit around and raise a glass and commiserate. When times are great, it's nice to sit around and raise a glass and celebrate.” — Chris Griffin
  • “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” — Michael McMahon
  • “When you hire for values, you can find the right people that want to be there for the right reasons.” — Khalil Benalioulhaj
  • “Being the leader means being able to tell the story, being able to cast the vision, and get people along for the ride. If they're not along for the ride, then you probably don't want them there.” — Khalil Benalioulhaj
  • “Allow yourself to pause and let the future happen and trust your decision with that new person or that new employee.” — Michael McMahon
  • “Great culture is more than just free Panera. You've got to figure out how to really walk the walk.” — Chris Griffin


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