002 - What Is A Qualified Opportunity? with Greg Beach

What do you look for when determining whether a new project is worthy of pursuing? As the event industry continues to build back after the pandemic, many agencies and build shops are eager to ramp their businesses back up. But should you really take on every project that comes across your desk? Greg Beach of Event Strategy Group joins Chris Griffin to discuss their approaches to qualifying opportunities, the value of partnerships, and how to truly win in the event space. Listen to our second episode of the Experience Builders podcast to sharpen your focus on qualified opportunities.

Time Stamps

  • 00:28 -Hurricane Ian
  • 02:35 - Intro to Greg Beach
  • 04:53 - Ramping Up After The Pandemic
  • 07:12 - How Do You Know What Projects Are Worth Pursuing?
  • 09:50 - Rethinking Qualified Opportunities
  • 13:05 - Evaluating New Opportunities
  • 18:57 - Delegating Risk With New Opportunities
  • 22:38 - The Value of Partnerships
  • 24:22 - Red Flags When Qualifying New Projects
  • 28:42 - Bidding Jobs For Profit, Not Sales
  • 34:14 - Educating Unaware Buyers
  • 37:57 - Apple to Oranges RFPs
  • 41:47 - Finding The Right Fit For Partnerships
  • 44:29 - Episode Recap
  • 45:32 - One Thing You Can Actually Go Do


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