001 - Avoiding The SMB Death Spiral

Have you ever been caught in the endless cycle of losing money from inaccurate estimates, making mistakes, poor payroll management, and endless customer concessions? The SMB Death Spiral is no joke. It will leave you scrambling and cause you to lose a good reputation. Listen in to understand what the SMB Death Spiral is and how to avoid it.

Show Notes

  • 00:32 - The Worst Project You’ve Lost Money On
  • 04:33 - What Is The Death Spiral
  • 06:09 - How You Enter The Death Spiral
  • 07:19 - Customer Concessions
  • 13:34 - Saying No To Prospects & Customers
  • 17:49 - Self-Inflicted Spirals
  • 20:35 - The Spiral Compounds
  • 27:03 - Getting Out Of The Death Spiral
  • 30:11 - Discount Your Way To Victory Buyers

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